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Currently selling your own merchandise on another platform, utilising an international drop-shipping service, or wanting to look into having your own merchandise?


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What is Custom Creator Gear (CCG)?
Truth is, this brand is in its infancy at the moment. Here’s the crux:

  • Majority of merchandise printed in Australia.
  • Printed via carbon neutral processes in Melbourne.
  • Every order has an offset against our carbon footprint (Taken from the business’ profits)
  • Shipped via carbon neutral partners (Manually offset if non-carbon neutral couriers have to be used)
  • Per-garment customisation available for minimal fees.


CCG will be a central hub for a lot of creators. The goal is to have no minimum order quantities (like Streamlabs and Streamelements), with the profit of DIY bulk printing towards the Creator.

With multiple creators on the one site, it enables cross-sell opportunities. (Customer sees a product from Creator X, and likes another design from Creator Y, and now has a single purchase for both). This also simplifies the overall purchase for merchandise form different creators, as it’s a one-stop-shop.


Custom Creator Gear is currently not adding any further clients to the site, due to the current backlog of requests. If you have sent a message via the form below, or contacted Domotius via Twitter/Discord, then your message will be answered as soon as possible.

If you wish to add your name to the wait list, please get in touch below with a bit about yourself, your platforms, and also your community. Please keep in mind the waitlist currently extends beyond June 2021.