COVID-19, shipping -

Update to Shipping time-frames due to COVID-19


Please see below about the current impacts to production and shipping from our key supplier:


Production Update: COVID-19 has now impacted on logistics from their suppliers. Production continues Monday to Friday. Their current average production times are 4-7 business days on average.

Domestic Shipping Update: Australia Post now reports delivery delays throughout their Australian network, especially to country and rural areas. The Standard and Express Post network are also impacted. Please see Australia Post's COVID Impact Page for updated information

International/DHL Shipping Update: International deliveries outside Australia have been severely impacted by COVID-19. DHL is no longer accepting packages or is delaying packages to a number of countries including Canada, China, France, Singapore and Japan. For the latest list of impacted countries, please see DHL's COVID Emergency Page

International Postage Surcharge: As a result of the weekend AUD and COVID-19, DHL has applied two surcharges to international deliveries. As a result, our supplier will be increasing International Postage rates, and as such, will mean higher prices through Custom Creator Gear.


At this stage, any hats, mugs, or custom bulk-printed products are only impacted by Shipping delays, as they are printed through various other suppliers.