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22nd May Update - Existing Shipping Delays and Stock unavailabilities

With some changes to both domestic and international resctictions, there has been some chages from my major print partner, OGO, that is also affecting any order placed through Custom Creator Gear. Snippets from their latest update is below:

Shirts and Sweats

With some restrictions easing, my main print partner in Victoria is able to increase their production capacity to bring overall times down. In summary, their current production times are listed below and may continue to increase until the numerous COVID-19 challenges truly pass.

  • AS Colour Staple and Maple T-shirts: 5-10 business days
  • AS Colour Sweatshirts (Box Crew, Stencil Hoodies, etc.): 7-15 business days
  • All other styles: 7-10 business days
  • Design with prints on both sides may add 1-2 business days.


"First toilet sweatshirts?"

Notable styles out of stock currently:

  • AS Colour Stencil Hoodies in White
  • AS Colour Box Crews in White
  • All other AS Colour sweatshirts may go out of stock due to very low inventory, and high demand
  • Pillows

AS Colour, their main source of the high-quality blank bases, advises supply of sweatshirts and other styles will likely return in late June to July.


Shipping Impacts

  • Domestic post across the Auspost network remain moderately to severely impacted.
  • Auspost no longer guarantees Next-Day-Delivery for Express Post.
  • Read Auspost's most recent COVID-19 newsletter. 
  • Visit Auspost COVID-19 page
  • International Shipping times can be expected to be delayed due to limited international freight and movement.



For more info directly from my print partner, you can read their latest updates here. Otherwise, feel free to flick us a message on the Contact Us page!


Stay safe!